Michigan’s Best BBQ: West Michigan’s Finest

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — Our statewide entertainment reporter John “Gonzo” Gonzalez has an iron stomach.

Photo: Todd Chance helps Hog Wild Barbecue’s pit boss,
Guss Martinez in the kitchen as Chance and John Gonzalez
search for Michigan’s best barbecue. (Matthew Busch | MLive.com)

How else could he sample 27 different barbecue competitors in one week? How else could he eat as much as I saw him consume while he was visiting our three West Michigan contestants in the Michigan’s Best BBQ competition? We may have to build his stomach a statue.

The three West Michigan contenders for the statewide title are Dallas Deli in Wyoming, Pit Stop Catering in Grand Rapids, and Hog Wild in Holland. They are all local barbecue joints that have their own distinct style, flavor and delivery. If you want some of the very best barbecue in West Michigan, these are three spots I can guarantee will deliver the goods.

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